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The Baltimore Area Council COVID-19 Task Force Committee and the Risk Management Committee have halted in cabin sleeping at this time.  In cabin sleeping will resume once it is deemed safe to do so.  

Due to the winter months, Camp Oest will not have water at the campsites from December through March.  Water may be gotten from the water tower.


To make a weekend reservation:

1. Select Lodging Weekend Rentals in the Category box.

2. Select campsite; this opens the calendar for that particular site only

3. Select the month

4. Click on the Friday starting your weekend reservation

5. Click on the Sunday ending your weekend reservation

6. Click on the RED Select button on your Sunday date; the reservation now appears in the right column

7. Click on the RED Checkout button

8. Follow the remaining steps

If you have any questions, contact the Camping Department at 443.573.2523 or to make a reservation personally.

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