Hiking & Backpacking

All hikers using our facilities must make reservations in advance through the Camping Services Office by calling Chris Wetzel at: 443-573-2523 or email at cwetzel@baltimorebsa.org.  Once on the Reservation you must file a “Hike Plan” with the Campmaster or Camp Ranger at check-in. All camp trails are marked on the Broad Creek map.  Large paper copies are available for purchase at the Broad Creek Camp Store for $1.00.

Broad Creek offers more that 26.5 miles of blazed trails that will entertain as well as challenge the hiker. There is a wide range of both hilly and flatland terrains to travel. Hikers who want a challenge and are interested in learning about the trails they hike can earn the Broad Creek Hiker Award. The Broad Creek Hiker Award booklet is available at the camp trading post. Once completed, a recognition patch can be purchased at the Broad Creek Camp Store.

For those interested in backpacking, wilderness outposts are available for use in the outer areas of the property. Hikers and backpackers seeking a challenge can start on Broad Creek property and hike the Mason-Dixon Trail. This trail cuts through part of Broad Creek, and runs both east and west from the property.

Campers using the facilities are invited to learn about and earn the new “Leave No Trace” program award. This program is being run by the BSA along with the National Park Service, and involves learning how to improve your camping skills and properly care for our wilderness environment. Once the requirements are completed, a recognition patch can be purchased at the Broad Creek Camp Store.

2019 BS Summer Camp

2019 CS Summer Camp

2018 Calendar:

Nov 1 - Campership Opens

Nov 23-25 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 21-23 - Camp Closed - Christmas

Dec 29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day

2019 Calendar:

Mar 1 - Campership Ends

Mar 15 - Early Bird Ends for Scouts USA Summer Camp

Apr 19-21 - Camp Closed - Easter

May 18-19 - Cub Scout Spring Family Weekend

May Roundtables - Camp Card Settlements

May 24-26 - Camp Closed - Memorial Day

June 15 - Early Bird Ends for Cub Scout Summer Camp

June - August - Summer Camp

Aug 30-Sept 2 - Camp Closed - Labor Day

Nov 1-3 - Fall Family Weekend

Nov 1-3 - Orienteering Day

Nov 29-Dec 1 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving