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Commissioner Contact Information

Council Commissioner
Burt Marsh, 410-381-2679, 

Assistant Council Commissioner – Roundtable
Pat Hamilton, 410-740-2594,

Assistant Council Commissioner – Camp Cards
Paul Semke, 410-768-6095,

Assistant Council Commissioner – Special Programs 
George Stover, 410-961-5942,

Assistant Council Commissioner – Venturing
Christopher Castillo, 443-756-9632,

Assistant Council Commissioner – Youth Protection
Mike Parrish, 410-812-9405,

Assistant Council Commissioner – Training
Karen Scheel, 410-969-4260,

Assistant Council Commissioner – University of Scouting/Family Scouting
Jeff Seymour, 443-562-4744,

Assistant Council Commissioner – Special Needs

Assistant Council Commissioner – Awards & Recognition 
Gary Ballinger, 410-877-3528,

Baltimore Area Council District Commissioners

City Lights Service Area:

Service Area Commissioner

Thurgood Marshall
Steve Blake

Walt Windisch, 443-797-3191,

Reginald F. Lewis
Glaci Hines, 443-250-4192,


Northern Lights Service Area:

Service Area Commissioner
Charley Jay, 443-794-6228,

Kim Aspden, 443-375-9596,

John Schoeberlein, 410-967-9183,

Burt Sklar, 301-286-1264,

William Montgomery,

Patuxent Eagles Service Area:

Service Area Commissioner
John Gillette, 516-782-1015,

The Capitol
Carl Drew, 410-279-1996,

Four Rivers
Steven Wolfe, 410-551-2896,

National Pike
Brian McGivern, 301-497-9331,

Nicholas Klein, 240-286-7904,