2018 Scouting For Food Survey
2018 Scouting For Food Survey
*First Name
*Last Name
*Unit Type
*Unit Number
*# of Youth Participants
*# of Adult Participants
*Pounds of Food Collected
Please estimate the number of pounds of food collected. As a rough estimate, 1 can = 1 pound, and a full plastic bag is 8-10 pounds
*# of Patches
300 maximum characters (including spaces).
*Hours of Service
Include the total number of BSA members and non-members service hours. Example: 10 people worked 2 hours = 20 total hours during the first weekend and 8 people worked 3 hours = 24 during the second weekend. Enter 44 hours. Remember to also log these hours for your Unit Journey to Excellence at https://servicehours.scouting.org/UI/Security/Login.aspx