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Project MOOSE

The Moving Onward and Outward Scouting Experience, or Project MOOSE as we call it, is a rite of passage for Webelos IIs as they make the journey from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Project MOOSE is offered during 3-day and 4-day sessions, with an extended Project MOOSE offered during Webelos Week.

The Webelos and their parents will get to hike or canoe to a remote location in Broad Creek where they will camp under the stars and return back to camp the next morning.

The program is a mystery until you become a Webelos II (or parent), so we can't give much away, but we will say that Project MOOSE is frequently one of the most popular offerings we have and one of the most common responses by Boy Scouts across central Maryland when asked "what was the most memorable experience you had in Cub Scouts?"

Be sure to bring a pillow, sleeping bag, a mat if you like, bug spray, a flashlight, and something to brand.


2019 BS Summer Camp

2019 CS Summer Camp

2018 Calendar:

Sept 4 - Camp Opens for Weekend Camp

Sept 28-30 - 70th Anniversary Camporall

Sept 29 - Broad Creek 5K

Nov 23-25 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 21-23 - Camp Closed - Christmas

Dec 29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day