DOC 604A
Selecting and Researching the Thesis Topic
Selecting the Research topic and defining the issue or problem.  Researching the issue and methods of presentations.  An explanation of the various methods required to prepare, research, write and present the Doctoral paper.  National Course number: DCS 501-502  This class is offered in Sessions 1 and 5
DOC 605A
Developing Outline and Thesis
How to develop an outline of a thesis/project and use it to structure your doctoral paper.  Course covers the elements of a useful thesis/project.  
National Course number: DCS 503
DOC 606
Thesis Project Workshop
A panel of scouters who have their Doctorates will discuss their thesis/project challenges and solutions.  This course is for those who would like to hear from experts about their thesis/project ideas, research, the process, and what they would do differently.  This is an opportunity to hear from and ask questions with people who have completed their Doctorates.  
National Course number: DCS 504
DOC 608
Administering Commissioner Lifesaving
Administrative Commissioners are taught to give leadership to a Commissioner lifesaving concept.  This course provides choices in selecting the lifesaving team approach.   
National Course number: DCS 508
DOC 609
The Commissioner and the Professional
Learn more about the relationship between the Commissioner and the Professional. How can they work closely together to reach a common goal of providing quality service to units?  
National Course number: DCS 514
DOC 612  
Being a Thesis Project Advisor
Prepares a person holding a Doctorate to become a thesis/project advisor.  Provides specific procedures and techniques to make the task easier.  Helps provide common standards for the acceptance of a Doctoral thesis/project paper.  
National Course number: DCS 505
Pre-requisite: Have earned your Doctorate at the BAC's University of Scouting and be recommended by the Doctoral faculty for the position of Doctoral Advisor. Students successfully completing this course may be invited to become a Doctoral Advisor that day.
DOC 614
Doctoral Counseling
A counseling session with a Doctoral Advisor on topic selection, research and thesis preparation, and the application procedure. This session is offered several times throughout the day but you only need to take it once.  
THIS IS A NON-CREDIT COURSE.   This class is offered in Sessions 4, 5, 6 & 7
DOC 615
District & Council Journey to Excellence
Learn about the elements of the District and Council Journey to Excellence and what it takes to ensure success in every area.  Identify the key categories of performance for Journey to Excellence; how the Commissioner staff affects Journey to Excellence performance; resources to help improve Journey to Excellence performance. 
National Course number: DCS 515
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