DCS 501 / DOC 604A - offered Saturday Session 1 or 5
Selecting Your Project or Thesis
This course will introduce you to the concept of a thesis or project and will provide an overview of the application and doctoral degree process.  Required for Doctoral Degree.
DCS 502 - offered Saturday Session 1
Limiting the Scope of the Topic
This course will provide you with ideas on reducing your thesis/project topic to a workable size.  The course will also help you get ideas for your thesis or project research. Not required for Doctoral Degree, but very helpful.
DCS 503 / DOC 605A - offered Saturday Session 2 or 6
Developing Your Project or Thesis
This course will cover developing your thesis/project outline and provide you with a variety of suggestions for researching, writing and revising your thesis or project.  Required for Doctoral Degree. 
DCS 504 / DOC 606 - offered Saturday Session 3
Thesis Project Workshop (Panel)
This is a panel workshop hosted by scouters who have already completed their doctorate.  The panel will provide insights into working on a thesis; answer any questions you have; and help you get started on or complete your thesis/project.  Not required for Doctoral Degree, but very helpful.
DCS 506 - offered Saturday Session 2 and 7
Coaching for Administrative Commissioners
Coaching is about relationships.  It is the ability to listen, to observe, to share, to support and to engage in a way that will help others solve their own problems, grow as individuals, and attain their full potential.
DCS 512 - offered Saturday Session 4
Recruiting for Diversity
Through this course we will come to a better understanding of the need for diversity in scouting volunteers as well as ways to work toward recruiting a more diverse Commissioner Corps.
DOC 614 - offered Saturday Session 4, 5, 6, or 7
Doctoral Counseling
This is an individualized session to help you narrow down and finalize your thesis/project proposal, obtain approval of your proposal, and develop a quick outline.  You will be assigned a Thesis Advisor at this session.  Required for Doctoral Degree. 
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