Project C.O.P.E.

Project C.O.P.E., Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, is a national program of the Boy Scouts of America. The program is composed of group initiative games, trust events, low course events and high course events. Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, and devise solutions to a variety of problems. The activities and events are designed to meet the needs of people of all ages who are seeking ways to challenge and expand their physical and mental abilities. Most participants achieve much more than they imagined they could. C.O.P.E emphasizes building self-esteem, developing leadership and working as a team to accomplish tasks. It provides opportunities for every participant to succeed as an individual and as a member of a group. While the goals and objectives of Project C.O.P.E. are intended for Scouting youth, the great scope and flexibility of the program make it appropriate youth and adults, alike. 

Project C.O.P.E. Offerings at BCMSR

Hidden in the woods of Broad Creek is the Baltimore Area Council’s own C.O.P.E course. All participants who use the course must be 13 years of age or older and have a BSA Medical form with them. Long pants are recommended and wearing sneakers or light-hiking boots is recommended for footwear. Non-Scout groups must sign a "hold harmless" agreement and show proof of insurance. Food and lodging not included. Scheduling is very flexible. A deposit of $100, refundable until two weeks prior, is required to reserve a date.

Low Course Events

C.O.P.E Low-Course Events do not require participants to be on belay. While individual coordination and strength are helpful, participants accomplish the low-course activities with the support and combined efforts of the group. The low course offers a full day of team building and leadership development encompassing initiative games and a large portion of the low course events. It’s a fun and character-building experience for any group.

Low course elements include: All aboard, Trolleys, A-frame transfer, Spider web, Nitro crossing, Triangle traverse, Porthole, Swinging log, Criss-cross, Waterwheel, Whale watcher, Traffic jam, The beam, Trust fall, Tunnel, Tire on pole, Artesian beams, Wild Woosey, Tire traverse, The wall.

High Course Events

C.O.P.E High-Course Events require participants to be on belay. High-course events also tend to focus on individual initiative rather than group problem solving. However, these events must be completed with group support and safety belays.

High course elements includes: Cargo net, climbing wall, vertical play pen, Giant’s ladder, Heeby-jeeby, Multivine, 3-wire (Monkey Bridge), 2-wire, Zip line, Rope climb, caving ladder. Rappelling is also available.

C.O.P.E Weekend

This is a packed weekend of the C.O.P.E activity. It starts Saturday morning with initiative games and Low Course event.  In the afternoon, participants work through the High Course element, ending with our Zip Line. The cost is $50 per person with a minimum group size of 10. Bring a bandana, a water bottle, and a bag lunch to be eaten on the course Saturday. Units may return to their site for meals if needed.  Please know returning to the site for lunch may reduce the time spent on the course.

More Information

For more C.O.P.E information contact: Chris Wetzel at

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