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Learning for Life Speakers Bank
Learning for Life in central Baltimore is looking for volunteers to bring professional development information to students in their classrooms.
To register as a career speaker please fill out the information below completely. The majority of speaking opportunities will be with classroom sized groups during the day or after school. The average speaking opportunity is 30 - 45 minutes (including questions).
*Job Title:
*Career Field
Please choose the career field your profession falls under.
*Phone Number:

*Brief description of the topic you would like to speak about:
(eg. I would like to talk to students about what is needed for a career in Dentistry and what the average Dentist does.)
Do yo have any hobbies you would be willing to talk to young people about?
Available Days:
*Please check all days you are available.

Time of Day
*Please choose the time of day you are available.

Please choose all age groups you feel comfortable speaking with:

Do you speak another language?
If yes, what language(s)?
*Do you currently volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America or Learning for Life?

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Baltimore Area Council

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