In need of a Merit Badge Counselor?

You need to talk to your Scoutmaster!
You need to get a blue card from him to give to the counselor.
This is the proper way of doing it.
Please remember the buddy system and youth protection must be used when meeting with a counselor.
Never meet alone with a counselor.

If you are interested in becoming a Merit Badge Counselor, please contact your Troop Advancement Chairman or your District's Dean of Merit Badges.


All Applications should be turned into the District Dean of Merit Badges or the District Advancement Chairman.
If they are given to Council they may not make it back to the District and you may not be listed as a counselor.  The upkeep of these list fall upon the District Committee not the Council Committee.
Question:  Does the amount of merit badges increase on January 1, 2014 when cooking becomes a new merit badge?
Answer:  When the Cooking MB becomes an Eagle required merit badge on January 1, 2014, it will increase the number in the Eagle required merit badge list to 17 where 13 will be required. The number of optional merit badges will decrease from 9 to 8; however, the total number of merit badges required for Eagle will remain at 21.
Question: I am a scout looking for a Merit Badge Counselor, who do I contact?
Answer: Contact you Troop's or Crew's Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairman.  They will have a list.  ( If they do not they need to contact the District's Dean of Merit Badges or the District Advancement Chair.) 
Question:  Can I hand out the list of Merit Badge Counselors to my Scouts?
Answer:  This list is for the unit use to find who may be a Merit Badge Counselor for a certain badge.  This list should not be freely floating around the unit.  Remember this list may have names addresses and phone numbers that should not be out for the public to see.