District Chaplain & Religious Activities Committee

Aids the Scouts and their leaders to fulfill their “Duty to God”, as stated in our Scout Oath and our obligation to the twelfth point of the Scout Law; to be “Reverent”.  Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts stated, “The whole Scouting movement is based on religion, that is, on the realization a service to God”.

The Chaplain and committee aids in this endeavor by promoting and enabling;

The training of Chaplain Aides

Religious Awards

·        Identification of scouting religious awards

·        Recruiting Scouts and Counselors

·        Suggestions for implementation

·        Connecting units with the various PRAY (Programs of Religious Activities) Awards

·        Promoting the Baltimore Area Council’s ecumenical “God and World Award”

Identifying and distributing BSA faith based publications

Identifying and strengthening faith based chartering communities

Resourcing “Scout’s Own” religious services throughout our District and Council

Promoting District and Council Religious events such as “A Scout is Reverent Retreat”, and the “Council Faith Walk”

Religious Activities Committee                     

          Chaplain                                             Tim Mullady     

           Religious Emblems                            Jennifer Danko     




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