How can you be a part of the exciting Activities Committee field events? 

·        Your unit can participate:  As a Unit Leader or interested parent, encourage your Scouts (through the Patrol Leaders’ Council for Troops) to plan to participate in District events as a fun way to supplement the unit’s annual activities with something different.  Let River Hawk District do the work for you for a couple of the unit’s monthly outings!

·        Your unit can serve:   Offer to host an event Activity Station, serve as Service Troop, assist in parking, etc.  Remember in addition to the fun and camaraderie, District events are great ways to show-off your unit as a recruiting means.

·        You can serve:  As an individual, you can offer to support a field event by being on the Event Staff.  You don’t have to overnight camp to be a part of the fun.  If you like the experience, come back as a Station Host…or even jump in the deep end learn what’s needed to Chair an event.

·        You can suggest:  If you have a good idea, suggestion, or specialized contact in the community that could add to an event by all means speak up.  We in Anne Arundel County are richly blessed with many federal, state, local, professional, commercial, civic, patriotic, religious, and educational resources. If you have a contact, let us know about it!

·        Become a member of the Activities Committee:  If this sounds interesting, bring your Scouting or specialized job experience to help the Activities Team.  District Staff Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month from 7:00-8:30 PM.


Boy Scouts of America, Baltimore Area Council | 701 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore MD 21211 | 443-573-2500