Finance Committee

The 4R finance committee augments the Baltimore Area Council’s budgetary income by extending various Council initiatives to the local Scouting units.

4R fulfills its mission to help fund Scouting by executing the Friends of Scouting campaign, leadership breakfast, and popcorn and camp card sales programs established by Baltimore Area Council. Since all registration fees paid during rechartering go to the national BSA office and none goes to Baltimore Area Council, efforts of the Finance committee are critically important to maintaining a healthy Scouting program in our Council and District.

Committee Members

Chair:                                                                                  Debi Hayes

Family Friends of Scouting Coordinator:                            Trevar Redmond 

Popcorn Kernel:                                                                  Mike Danko 

Scout Saver Cards:                                                             Jen Danko

Leadership Breakfast Coordinator:                                     Jack Neil


Boy Scouts of America, Baltimore Area Council | 701 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore MD 21211 | 443-573-2500