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Registration and Alternate Advancement Forms

Scouts with Disabilities and Special Needs Page Links
Mission Statement Overview Advancement for Youth Members With Disabilities Definition Membership for Scout with Disabilities Advancement for Scout with Disabilities
Registration Requirements Process for Documenting a Disability Process for Registering Beyond Age of Eligibility Alternate Rank Advancement Requirements Process for Requesting Alternate Rank Advancement Requirements
Alternate Merit Badges for the Eagle Scout Rank Scout with Disability and Special Needs Forms and Links Guide for Merit Badge Counselor Torch of Gold Award  

Individual Scout Classification Request (Please use this form when applying for disabilities or Waiver of Age)

Individual Scout Classification Request and Waiver of Age Eligiblility;(new for 2015)

Medical Forms

BSA Annual Health and Medical Form  (Please use going to camp form for Doctor Use)

Immunization Exemption Request

Medical Care Exemption Request Form

Cubs Scouts

Cub Scouts with Disabilities

Boys Scouts

Alternate Rank Advancement Request form (new for 2015)

Alternate Requirement Sheets Worksheets

         GUIDE to WORKING WITH Scouts With Special Needs and DisABILITIES

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