Attention Pack Leaders, Den Leaders, Webelos Leader, Scout Masters, Assistant Scout Masters, Parents and Committee Members:

One of the training sessions required to be a Trained Leader is the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills - IOLS.

This course will be offered in three parts by The Capitol District.

The first session will be covered over the course of the weekend at Webelos Woods.

The next two sessions will be held at the monthly Round Table Meetings.

IOLS is a required course to lead outdoor trips.

If you are in any Pack or Troop Leader Position such as Den Leaders, Webelos Leader, Parents and/or Committee Member, Assistant Scoutmaster, Scout Master or a member of the troop that would like to assist in leading trips this course is for you.

Besides learning Scout skills you will get to meet other adults in the Scouting movement. You never know what you can learn from these other leaders. So come out and join us. You will have some fun, help your unit and help your Scouts at the same time.

Please find attached information about the upcoming parts of IOLS training which will be conducted on Oct 4, 2014 during Webelos Woods.

To attend IOLS you need to send a $6 check payable to BAC BSA to Steve Rose for the IOLS training registration fee. His address is on the flyer attachment. This is in addition to the Webelos Woods registration fee.

We are trying to offer training, in a way not to cause any interference with Webelos Woods and offer a time you can spend with your Scout and get the training you need. I've attached the flyer and other pertinent information you need for the training. (Information Flyer, Course Evaluation, Personal Record, Self Evaluation)

This is the first time we've condensed this course so we may need to have some flexibility so that we can make this work. We have purposely broken this course down in attempts to make it more flexible for busy families and in trying not to divide adults time from their sons.

The following is the procedures we ask students to follow. Trainee needs to have the registrar from Webelos Woods certify that the student is registered with Webelos Woods. They need to get their unit heads to sign off on individual sections noted on their Personal Record (attached) and they need Tim Mullady (our District Chaplain) to sign off for the Scouts Own Service.

The following is the guidance we ask attendees to follow:

1. Students need to print the attached files (Information FlyerCourse EvaluationPersonal RecordSelf Evaluation) and bring them with you to the training session.

2. Students need to show they are registered with Webelos Woods for the weekend.

Please check with your unit for registration or the Webelos Woods main registrar. Please provide that information to Jeff Lauer, who will verify and record that information on the bottom of your Personal Record.

3. By attending Saturday's training session, students will complete 7 requirements that our instructors will sign off on your Personal Record.

With your participation in Webelos Woods on Friday setup, Saturday breakfast & lunch, Saturday evening camp fire, Sunday breakfast and Scouts Own, attendees will complete 11 of the IOLS course requirements.

To receive credit for those IOLS requirements which are part of Webelos Woods, attendees need to get signatures on their Personal Record from:

    • The Webelos Woods registrar for attendance at Webelos Woods
    • The District person conducting the Camp Fire
    • The District person conducting the Scouts Own
    • Your Unit (Pack or Troop) head for the meals and tent set up with your unit

Please Note: When your sons move into Boy Scouts, they will go through a system similar to this when working on their merit badges. By doing this process, you will learn what all Boy Scouts have to go through with their merit badge personal records referred to as blue cards.

4. You need to bring your Personal Record (attached) to the October and November Round Tables for the remaining 3 training sessions and turn them into me when completed.

When all requirements have been completed, you will receive a green "Trained" patch and a certificate. The certificates should be distributed at the December Round Table.

We appreciate your flexibility and your understanding of our attempts in making training available to you when your schedule is so busy.

So that we can ensure we have training materials available for you, please let me know that you intend to register.

Unfortunately, we cannot take walk-in registrations. We need registrations confirmed no later than Oct 1 so that we have time to make printed material available for attendees.

If you need additional information or assistance, please let me know as soon as possible.

Yours in Scouting,

Advancement Committee Member
Training Committee Member
The Capitol District

Attachments: Information FlyerCourse EvaluationPersonal RecordSelf Evaluation