Weekend Camping


Spencer Reservations - To make camping reservations, please contact The Y at 410-452-5173.  If you are planning a BAC Council or District event or are a BAC only Special Needs unit, please contact the Camping Department at campingservices@baltimorebsa.org to make reservations.


Reservation Policy & Procedures

  1. Reservations require a minimum deposit of 50% of the listed fee and a completed application received and approved by the Camping Services Office.  A copy of the approved campsite application will be returned to the group leader to confirm the reservation.  The balance of the site fee is due two weeks before your reservation date.
  2. As in any Scout activity, two-deep leadership will be practiced at all times.Cancellations will be accepted and fees refunded if the cancellation is made two weeks prior to the scheduled weekend in writing. 
  3. Cancellations made after that will not result in a refund of fees unless the site is rented to another unit. 
  4. No matter which camp you have reservations for all units will check in at the Rosenberg Family Welcome Center in Camp SaffranCheck-in time starts at 7 p.m. on Friday.    Check-in requires a copy of the unit roster.  Units should complete the check-in process before moving to their campsite. 
  5. The BCSR Driving and Parking Policy states that one vehicle at a time may go to the campsite and unload/load and return to the designated main parking lot at each Camp.  For Weekend Camping one vehicle may remain at the campsite on the designated parking pad.  (See Policy Para 6. c. 7. b. on page 4) For complete details of the BCMSR Driving and Parking Policy go to: http://www.baltimorebsa.org/about-broad-creek/camp-rulesparking/42851.
  6. Check-out will be completed by 1 p.m. on Sunday.  All units will check-out at the Rosenberg Family Welcome Center in Camp Saffran and have their site checked by a Campmaster before departing camp.  Please make arrangements with the Campmasters for check out during check-in.
  7. ***Pool Policy – BSA Aquatics Policies must be followed.  One piece swimwear for females is required.   
  8. Leave NO Trace Applies at this Camp!  Units are limited to taking one vehicle to their campsite to unload equipment then park the vehicle in the parking lot.  No vehicles are to leave the roads at any time.  Please consider this point when loading your transportation.  This policy applies to checking in and checking out.
  9. Service projects are approved by the Properties and Conservation Committees.  Please contact the Camping office at campingservices@baltimorebsa.org  to schedule a service project.  Once a service project has been completed, a discount on your next camping trip will be applied to the invoice.  The amount of the discount will equal the cost of a weekend tent camping fee.
  10. Non-BSA groups must provide with this application a Hold Harmless Agreement and a Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  11. Units leaving facilities in an UNSATISFACTORY CONDITION will be charged for any damages and a minimum $50 clean-up fee.


Online reservations can be made at www.broadcreekbsa.org under the Weekend Camping link.


Baltimore Area Council, BSA

Attn:  Camping Services Office

701 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21211

Fees for weekend camping at Broad Creek are based on the sites and facilities used or reserved.  Please see Price Sheet.
Cancellations will be accepted and fees refunded if a request is received in writing at the council office at least two weeks prior to the reserved weekend.  Cancellations caused by an “Act of God” as determined by the Council Camping Director or the Camp Ranger will result in a full refund.

    2019 BS Summer Camp

    2019 CS Summer Camp

    2018 Calendar:

    Sept 4 - Camp Opens for Weekend Camp

    Sept 28-30 - 70th Anniversary Camporall

    Sept 29 - Broad Creek 5K

    Nov 23-25 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving

    Dec 21-23 - Camp Closed - Christmas

    Dec 29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day