Physical Plant and Program Item Improvements for Broad Creek Scout Reservation (BCSR)

We have a future dream for a revived Broad Creek Scout Reservation.  Would you like to be a part of that dream?  If so look at the list below to determine the project that will have your name attached to it as the benefactor for improving the camp and it’s program for the future of Scouting in the Baltimore Area Council.  If you have the means or know someone who does and would like to make a charitable donation to make these dreams a reality please call 443.573.2523 to discuss the details. Below is only a starter list of projects, we will be modifying this list in time.

  • Upgrade all tent platforms to tent platforms with internal pipe frame (Estimated $15,000): There is an ongoing need to replace current tent platforms with tent platforms with an internal pipe frame which is permanently affixed to the platform.  The goal is to have sturdy platforms which sit leveled and off the ground on cinder blocks and incorporate a new internal pipe frame which makes set up very easy and provides more usable living space and ability for rain water run off to go on the ground rather than back onto the tent platform. We are nearly complete with this project, view our tent platform pate for more information.
  • Commercial Water Slides: Additional program feature required at all three pools.  This will be great fun for our campers.  Type and size need to be determined to meet the needs of Cub Scouts, Scouts, and adults.
  • Install Rain Gutter Cap System Throughout Camp: This requirement will eliminate the need to annually clean and remove debris from all buildings rain gutters which would free up more service and maintenance hours for more useful and productive improvement projects.
  • Install split rail fencing in various areas of BCMSR: Multi-purpose requirement, to cordon off certain areas for no entry and for camp beautification at entrances.  One type of fencing provides standardization across all three camps.

These desired improvements below, require building permits.  For now they are a future wish until the permit issues can be resolved.

  • Electric plug and light system for Staff areas (Estimated $10,000):  Camp Saffran require electricity with outlets and light system for staff housing. We have recently built tent platforms, this is the next step.
  • Renovation of family cabins in Camp Saffran: Buildings have all received new metal roofing, they are now in need of general improvements to the interior. Some ideas include:  flooring, drywal repair, kitchen renovation/removal, bathroom improvements, and heat/air conditioning additons.
  • Small modular prefab log homes for family camp/staff area in Camp Saffran (instead of above): Replacement structures for demolished family cabins.  These new buildings could be rented out from late August through May each year.  They also double as staff housing for senior camp staff and would allow married staff members to have their families with them in camp.
  • Staff Lounge, Shower House, Bathroom, and Laundry Room:  Construct a stand alone facility in the staff area of Camp Saffran for staff only.


On top of bigger picture improvements of Broad Creek listed above, we have normal maintenance items which must be completed each year. Many of these jobs can be aided by Scouts & Scouters who visit camp during the year. As a result, we are keeping track of all projects that are currently approved by the Baltimore Area Council Properties Committee. If you or your unit is interested in taking on a project, you can view them in the below linked spreadsheet. You can coordinate efforts through the Council Camping Department (443.573.2523) or through the Broad Creek Rangers.

Click Here to See Current Approved Projects at Broad Creek

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