Camp Saffran Facilities


Eight (8) lodges, (Susquehanna, Lookout, Conowingo, Flint Ridge, Dan Beard, Frontier, Pioneer and Prospect) are equipped with a propane cooking stove and oven, refrigerator, electricity, two patrol tables, eight benches, cots for 18, an Englander wood stove, three bay sinks, hand sink, counter top, dry food storage area, mop, broom, dust pan, bucket and trash can. A pit latrine and frost-free hydrant are located on site. One night’s supply of firewood is provided during the cold months. Units are to provide the firewood for the remainder of their stay and leave the wood crib full on departure. Any fallen dead wood on the reservation may be used for firewood. No standing trees may be cut. During the warmer months, hot and cold running water are available in the lodges. The maximum number of campers in the building is 18. Units should provide their own tents for additional campers.


Four (4) Adirondack buildings, (Friar Tuck, Hawkeye, Jamestown, and Timberline) are equipped with a propane burner top, broom and dust pan, refrigerator and electricity. Scouts and leaders sleep in their own tents. These tent sites are equipped with patrol tables, latrine, and water from a frost-free hydrant. There is no sleeping in the Adirondacks. Each Adirondack site has an activity pavilion.

Hansen Lodge

This lodge was designed and constructed to ADA standards to serve Special Needs Scouts and volunteers. It is equipped with bunks to sleep 46 (20 ADA), a tiled meeting room, an institutional kitchen, central heating, a fireplace, and ceramic tile in the men’s and women’s shower and bathroom facilities. The showers, toilets, sinks, doors and handles, 20 beds and entrances are ADA approved. This lodge may be rented by non-handicapped Scouts and non- Scout groups at a higher fee. Brooms, mop and bucket are provided for use in the lodge. A fire alarm and sprinkler system are installed in this facility.


1929 Susquehanna Hall Road
Whiteford MD 21160