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About Broad Creek Cub Camp

Broad Creek's Cub Scout Resident Camp originated was one of the nation's first Cub Scout Resident Camps. Even though we've moved to Camp Saffran, we're still the same highly-acclaimed program and staff that we have been for over 30 years - but now with improved program and facilities to enhance the Cub Camp experience you know and love. Learn more here!

Why Broad Creek Cub Camp?

Broad Creek's Cub Resident summer camp program is one of a small number of Cub Scout Camps across the country where Cub Scouts can stay overnight. Learn more here!

Broad Creek Cub Camp Program

Broad Creek Cub Camp offers 6 Program Areas: Aquatics, Shooting Sports, COPE for Cubs, STEM Discovery, Nature, and Scoutcraft. We also lots of other activities available to choose from during our ample open program time, not to mention other camp-wide activities and classic Cub Camp traditions. Learn more here!

Which Session is right for me?

Do you want to maximize your time at Cub Camp, or would you like something shorter and faster-paced?  Do you want a session that you can bring your Webelos and your Bear to, or are you wondering what the best option is for a brand new Tiger? Does your Webelos want a full week summer camp experience just like the Boy Scouts, or does your whole Pack want to come up together? Find out what types of sessions we offer and which one is right for you!

Camper's Guide

The Camper's Guide has everything you need to know about how to prepare for Cub Camp and what to expect when you get here. See our Campers' Guide!


Are you so excited for Cub Camp that you want the rest of your Pack to know about it too? Our loud, enthusiastic staff members are pros when it comes to getting kids excited and parents informed about Cub Camp and all that we offer. We will have a brief slideshow with lots of details and pictures of camp, followed by one of our favorite camp songs to get the kids energized. Please fill out our promotions form to schedule your visit







2019 BS Summer Camp

2019 CS Summer Camp

2018 Calendar:

Nov 1 - Campership Opens

Dec 21-23 - Camp Closed - Christmas

Dec 29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day

2019 Calendar:

Mar 1 - Campership Ends

Mar 15 - Early Bird Ends for Scouts BSA Summer Camp

Apr 19-21 - Camp Closed - Easter

May 18-19 - Cub Scout Spring Family Weekend

May Roundtables - Camp Card Settlements

May 24-26 - Camp Closed - Memorial Day

June 15 - Early Bird Ends for Cub Scout Summer Camp

June - August - Summer Camp

Aug 30-Sept 2 - Camp Closed - Labor Day

Nov 1-3 - Fall Family Weekend

Nov 1-3 - Orienteering Day

Nov 29-Dec 1 - Camp Closed - Thanksgiving

Dec 20-22 - Camp Closed - Christmas

Dec 27-29 - Camp Closed - Jingle Bell Beaver Day