Sea Scouting Program 
YOUTH TRACK (7 hrs - 5 courses)
SSP 199 - Includes classes:
Describe the procedures used in yacht racing and the signals used by the race committee to start a race.  Demonstrate your understanding of the shapes, flag hoists, gun, and horn signals used in yacht racing as well as a working knowledge of the racing rules of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).
Turk's Head & Monkey Fist Knots
Make a three-strand Turk’s head and a three-strand monkey’s fist. Using either ornamental knot, make up a heaving line. (Paracord will be provided for these activities)
Ornamental Ropework
Demonstrate your ability to fashion the following items of ornamental ropework: four strand Turk’s head, coach whipping, cockscombing, round braid, flat sinnet braid, wall knot, and crown knot. Make a useful item such as a boatswain’s lanyard, rigging knife lanyard, bell rope, etc., or decorate a portion of your ship’s equipment such as a stanchion, rail, lifeline, tiller, etc. (Paracord will be provided for these activities)
Boatswain Calls
Demonstrate the ability to use the boatswain’s pipe by making the following calls:  word to be passed, boat call, veer, all hands, pipe down, and piping the side. (Youth Should provide their own Boatswain’s pipe which can be purchased via Amazon)
Close Order Drill
Demonstrate your ability to execute commands in close-order drill.  Demonstrate your ability to give and execute commands in close-order drill.  Demonstrate your ability to handle the ship’s company in close-order drill. Do all required maneuvers.
SSP 308
How Sea Scouts Can Support Your Troop
Discussion moderated by Adult and Youth Sea Scout Leaders regarding how partnering Sea Scout Ships can benefit a Scout Troop in the area of Aquatic and boating related activities and advancement.
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