Facilities Descriptions & Reservations



Broad Creek Scout Reservation
1929 Susquehanna Hall Road (in the lower parking lot)
Whiteford, MD 21160

Winter Camp Season Hours:
Friday:  Occasionally open on demand
Saturday: TBD (normally mid-day, coordinate with camp masters/rangers)
Sunday: closed

Summer Camp Season Hours (pending changes in June 2021):
Sunday:  1pm till 5pm
Monday - Friday:  9am till 5pm & 7pm till 9pm
Saturday:  8:30am till 11am


Spencer Reservations - To make camping reservations, please contact The Y of Central Maryland at 410-452-5173.  If you are planning a BAC Council or District event, please contact the Camping Department at campingservices@baltimorebsa.org to make reservations.

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Cabins (Category - Lodging Weekend Rentals) - 8 sleeping cabins.  Each cabin has 9 bunk beds (18  total beds), a wood stove and a kitchen with a gas stove/oven, sink and refrigerator.  Water will be turned off in the buildings during the winter months from mid-November to mid-March (time dependent on night-time temperatures).  There are frost free spigots near every campsite.  The cabins are:  Prospect, Pioneer, Susquehanna, Lookout, Dan Beard, Frontier, Conowingo and Flint Ridge.  Each campsite also has room for tent camping around the cabins.
Adirondacks (Category - Lodging Weekend Rentals) - 6 adirondack sites.  Each site has a 3-sided building with a refrigerator, electricity and a frost-free spigot.  These are tent sites only.  The adirondacks are:  Friar Tuck, Hawkeye, Jamestown, Sherwood Forest, Timberline and Uncas.  Sites with pavilions and picnic tables are Friar Tuck, Hawkeye, Jamestown and Timberline.  Sherwood Forest and Uncas do not have Pavilions at this time.
Cole Lodge (Category - Lodging Weekend Rentals) - is the kitchen facility for Camp Saffran located in the center of camp.  It has an industrial kitchen with a bathroom.
OA Pavilion (Category - Activity Centers) - is next to Cole Lodge in the center of camp.  It seats approximately 300 people.
Tent Sites - (Category - Lodging Weekend Rentals) - 2 new tent sites have been established in Camp Saffran - Long Range and Deep Glen.  These are tent sites only which share a latrine and a frost free spigot.
Outpost Sites - (Category - Outpost) - 14 primitive sites established in the woods surrounding Camps Saffran, Oest and Spencer.  These sites do not have water or latrines.  They are Astronomy Hill, Canoe, Deep Run Cliffs, Hamilton Run, Haunted Woods, Hemlocks, Klondike, Kramer's Gap, Old Road, Overlook, Peddler's Run, Quarry, Whiteford Branch and Wilderness.
Rosenberg HQ (Category - Activity Centers) - a conference room facility available for meetings for approximately 30 people.  It is a heated building with flush toilets.
Commisary (Category - Activity Centers) - large room in our Stock Control building can be used for indoor activities and trainings.
Showerhouse - heated male & female bathrooms and showers; open year-round.
Archery Range (Category - Ranges) - is available to rent in 4 hour increments - 9 AM - 1 PM and 1 PM - 5 PM.  A BSA certified archery instructor must be present to use the range.
Rifle Range (Category - Ranges) - is available to rent in 4 hour increments - 9 AM - 1 PM and 1 PM - 5 PM.  A BSA certified rifle instructor and Range Safety Officer must be present to use the range.
Shotgun Range (Category - Ranges) - is available to rent in 4 hour increments - 9 AM - 1 PM and 1 PM - 5 PM.  A BSA certified shotgun instructor and Range Safety Officer must be present to use the range.
Canoes and/or trailer (Category - Canoes Weekend or Weekday) - rented to BSA units only.
Hikes (Category - Hikes) - enjoy some time exploring Broad Creek and hike the property.  You must check in at RHQ and file a hike plan before going on your hike.

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Bunk House/Admin (Category - Lodging Weekend Rentals) - 30 beds in 4 rooms, wood stove and bathrooms.  No kitchen.
Dining Hall (Category - Dining Hall) - a full kitchen and dining room to seat approximately 100 people.
Houck Lodge (Cateogry - Lodging Weekend Rentals & Activity Centers) - 30 beds in 4 rooms, heated, fireplace, bathrooms, kitchen.
Reiman Pavilion (Category - Activity Centers) - next to the dining hall and seats approximately 300 people.
Showhouse - male & female bathrooms and showers open from April 1 - November 15.
Tent Sites (Category - Lodging Weekend Rentals & Lodging Weekday Rentals) - 8 tent sites each has a pavilion with picnic tables and a fire ring.  Water can be gotten at the water tower in Oest or at Camp Saffran.



Overview of buildings with water in winter camping season (mid November to mid March - pending night-time temperatures):

  • Reservation Headquarters – guest restrooms located outside right side rear of building
  • Saffran Shower House – showers, sinks and toilets
  • Cole Lodge – kitchen and bathroom
  • Oest Administration – bathrooms, no kitchen
  • Oest Dining Hall –kitchen, no bathroom
  • Houck Lodge – kitchen and bathrooms
  • During very cold periods, some lodges will not have indoor water


In an effort to follow the Outdoor Code and be conservation-minded, Broad Creek would like to encourage all campers to participate in a voluntary recycling program.  Units are encouraged to save and pack out any bottles, cans and paper used while camping at Broad Creek.  Once home, these recyclables can be placed out with your regular recycling.  The Conservation Committee thanks you for your participation and concern for the environment.

Remember – A Scout is Thrifty.

Environmental stewardship begins with YOU.


1929 Susquehanna Hall Road
Whiteford MD 21160