Scouting For Food 2017

Baltimore Area Council “Good Turn”

(Dulaney Dates: March 4th – March 11th, 2017)


In 2015, 486 scouts and scouters from 35 Dulaney District Units participated in the Scouting For Food Program.  Over 30,000 pounds of food were collected and donated to local charitable organizations.  Countless individuals benefited from your outstanding Good Turn.

March is a time of the year when shelves become bare as food pantries continue their struggle to meet the growing need for food assistance.  The winter months are particularly difficult especially during these economic times

Highlights of the Scouting for Food program in 2017:

  • To provide maximum flexibility for units, the same bag design, without pre-printed dates, will be used as last year.  Therefore, each unit should plan on an insert to be distributed with the SFF bag, announcing their return pickup date.
  • This is an exclusive BSA service project.  We will not be participating in the Harvest for the Hungary or Post Office Food Drives.
  • This project can serve as Unit eligibility for: 
    • Journey to Excellence Quality Award
    • Individual scout service

Following is an overview of the 2017 Scouting For Food Program:

  1. Dulaney Units will be given Scouting For Food bags to place at homes along their route on Saturday 3/4/17. Units must include a note in their bag to indicate their return day/time to pick-up the food.
  2. Dulaney Units should return to their same designated area to pick-up the bags on Saturday, 3/11/17. Be sure to make a second sweep of your area by car for any late bags. Deliver the food to your unit’s selected charity or Maryland Food Bank. (Note: Make sure to contact your Charity or Food Pantry in advance.) Immediately report your unit’s bag total along with # youth and # adult participants to Joe Tewey (410-529-1134 or
  3. If your unit conducts additional food drives during the year, those collection totals will also count. Please report them to Joe Tewey.

Give the boys of your unit the chance to experience the true Spirit of Scouting by offering cheerful service to their community. Can you consider taking a larger area this year?

Tip for increased response to your neighborhood collection: Include a thank you note and information about your unit in the bag when it is distributed.

Please contact Joe Tewey 410-529-1134 ( to claim your area or if you have any questions concerning the Scouting For Food Program in 2017.