The Council-wide Popcorn Sale represents a money-earning opportunity that benefits the Scout, the unit, and the Baltimore Area Council alike.

While units can fund all or part of their yearly programs with a single popcorn sale, some units empower Scouts with the ability to earn their way to outdoor adventures. These Scouts accomplish personal goals to fully fund their summer camping experience.


Carroll District Popcorn Kernel: Lauren Wessel 

BAC Popcorn Staff: Andrew Lupus

Popcorn Website:

Trail's End is releasing a brand new app on 6/17/2019, which includes FREE credit card processing. For details on the app, and training webinars, please click this link:

FREE SHIPPING! That's right, all online sales will have free shipping.

FREE Banners
If you sold $7,500+ in 2018, you may qualify for 1 free banner.
If you sold $10,000+ in 2018, you may qualify for 2 free banners.
You must... Register for the sale, commit to using the new Trail's End App, and be a member of this Facebook Group.
Deadline: 6/1/19

FREE Square Readers
If you sold $5,000+ in 2018, you may qualify for 1 free Square Reader
IF you sold $10,000+ in 2018, you may qualify for 5 free Square Readers for every $10,000 in sales.
You must... reigster for the sale & commit to using the new Trail's End app.

Key Dates

*All dates are subject to change*

August 3 – Traditional Sale Tradeshow Option 1
August 13 – Traditional Sale Tradeshow Option 2
August 26 – Show and Sell Order Due
September 12-13 – Show and Sell Order Distribution
October 25-26 – Show and Sell Returns (10% Limit)
October 29 – Take Order Due
October 31 – Online Sales end for 2019 Prize Consideration
November 4 – Invoices Ready for Unit Download
November 14-15 – Take Order Distribution
November 14-16 – Payment Due – Must be submitted or post marked by Nov 16
November 22 – Final Prize Orders Due
December 7 – Dave and Busters Experience

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I register for the 2019 sale?
A: Click here:

Q: I registered for the 2019, but I don’t know if I committed to using the Trail’s End App
A: Just send an email to and they'll help you out.

Q: Where can I get the App?
A: The new Trail’s End App will launch on June 17th, 2019. You may find it in your app store today, but you will not be able to log in prior to June 17th.

Q: I didn’t get a confirmation email on banners/ Square readers
A: There are no confirmation emails at this time. We’ll be pulling the distribution lists in early June, and can verify your banners/readers at that time. An announcement will be made on this group.

Q: Where are my Banners / Square readers being sent?
A: The Popcorn Kernel’s address from the 2019 sale registration.
Q: When are the banners / readers being shipped?
A: In July

Q: I have a question about my 2019 registration
A: Just send an email to and they'll help you out.

Q: My phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, will the reader work?
A: Some iPhone and Android phones do not have a headphone jack, but they usually come with an adapter. Your Unit may also consider purchasing an adapter to keep in the cashbox for your parents to use. Additionally, the card numbers can be typed into the TE app, and fees are still free.

Q: What is my commission this year?
A: Commission rates are determined by your Council.

Q: What if we already have a Square account?
A: The Trail’s End App is based on Square technology. This means you can use Square readers with the TE App. However, the Trail’s End app is entirely separate, and is not tied to your Square account at all.

Q: I’m having trouble with the website, can you help?
A: Just send an email to and they'll help you out.

Q: What’s this talk about a Trail’s End Scholarship?
A: Scouts who sell $2,500 or more in a year are eligible to receive 6% of their sales from that year and all years going forward into a scholarship account. Visit for details.