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Internal Employee Policy
External Activity Policy
If for any reason the Scout Executive or his designee determines that the office must be closed during normal business hours; this time does not have to be made up. Examples for possible closing could include:
  • Excessive snowfall
  • Lack of utilities (water or electric)
  • Other issues of public safety or welfare
If during the occurrence of an “extreme weather event” the office remains open during normal business hours and an employee has concern for his or her safety or well being a policy of liberal leave will be in place. This means the employee has the right to contact their direct staff team leader and let them know that they will not be working during those normal business hours. Liberal leave means that the time not on the job must be made up by one of the following methods upon approval of the employees direct staff team leader:
  • Accrued personal or vacation time equal to the time not on the job may be used.
  • An employee may work additional hours, equal to the time not on the job.
  • An employee may request that the time not on the job be deducted from their salary.
  • In the event of an office closing the staff will be notified by telephone by their direct staff team leader.
During extreme weather events that effect the region especially during the winter. The Baltimore Area Council will follow the schedule of the County School System in which the activity or event is being held in. Example:
If held in __________ County and that County School System is on delay or cancelled then the activity or event being held in that county is on delay or cancelled. You may call the Baltimore Area Council at 443-573-2500 to hear about any scheduled changes, cancelations or closings 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Broad Creek Scout Reservation rarely closes as so many of our campers seek an outdoor experience. To check on the Broad Creek schedule you can call 410-879-4922 and the voice message will let you know of any camp schedule changes.